FundaGeek Closed - Recommends GoGetFunding

At FundaGeek we had a great time crowdfunding amazing science, research and innovation. However, the FundaGeek platform has now closed but we're happy to recommend global crowdfunding site GoGetFunding.



GoGetFunding is a crowdfunding website for all types of projects, plans & events.


From business and creative to medical, education and more. The platform helps people from all over the world raise millions every month.


The platform has amongst the lowest fees in the industry and most comprehensive feature sets.


We're confident that GoGetFunding will help all future geeks get proper exposure and reach their funding goals!

  • Rated by Forbes as one of the top 6 global crowdfunding websites


  • Has helped people raise tens of millions online


  • Established since 2011
  • Proven platform
  • Allows all types of crowdfunding campaigns


  • Supports multiple currencies


  • Extensive feature set


  • One to one campaign coaches